This year was a year like no other, with everyone in lockdown over Easter.  As a result of the lockdown families had a very different Easter.  However, lots of good came from this situation, with families finding new and different ways to celebrate and to maintain a positive attitude.

We challenged our students to find the positives in this time of great uncertainty.   Here is what some of our students came up with.  The two winners of our $20 vouchers are Aiden (Y5) and Isla (Y2).  Thanks to everyone for your entries.

001Aiden Yr 5 EASTER002Aiden Yr 5 EASTER


003Isla Yr 2 EASTER

004Alexandra Yr 5 EASTER

005Alexandra Yr 5 EASTER

006Charlotte Yr 5 EASTER

007Elisa Yr 1 EASTER

008Ethan Yr 1 EASTER

009Hannah Yr 2 EASTER

010Justine  Yr 5 EASTER

011Katarina Yr 3 EASTER

012Lucas Yr 2 EASTER

013Mackenzie Yr 1 EASTER

014Matisse Yr 2 EASTER

015Nicole Yr 6 EASTER

016Tiarna Kindy EASTER

017Xavier Yr 3 EASTER