2020 Learning in Action


What a busy start we have had to our year at Holy Spirit already.

Opening School Mass

On Friday, 14 February, we held our first whole-school Mass, where we remembered 200 years of Catholic education in Australia, welcomed new families and teachers to our community and commissioned our SRC. It was wonderful to see so many members of our community (both family and friends) at this celebration.  


Parents, as primary educators of their children, were invited to assist with the induction of our SRC.


Please click here to see more photos from our Opening School Mass.

Every Learner, Learning Every Day

Schools are very busy places, with lots of learning and lots of excitement every day.  Holy Spirit is no exception to this, with our children engaged in various ways of learning both inside and outside their learning spaces on a daily basis. 

  Copy of IMG_6379 Copy of IMG_5302

Copy of IMG_6302

Please click here to see more photos from the start of the year.

We have also purchased a range of new equipment that promotes thinking, creativity and co-ordination, both for the playground and the classroom.  We have also started up a number of lunchtime clubs, so our children have had the opportunity to  participate in these clubs, including coding, makerspace, choir, ensemble, guitar and violin. 

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Please click here to see more photos that show a range of examples of learning in action.

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