2019 Mission Week

MISSION means to be a good neighbour ....

Mission is about giving compassion and also caring for others. We need to be raising awareness and to think about others and what they need before ourselves, who are very fortunate with what we have. We remember the people in Ghana who struggle to learn, to drink and to get fresh food. Some of the kids also have disabilities.

We need to be more caring and compassionate and to help people if they are injured, hurt, upset or lonely. like in the story in the story of the Good Samaritan. The Samaritan helped the man in need while the priest and levite didn’t. WE NEED TO BE A GOOD NEIGHBOUR!

On Wednesday morning Year 4 hosted the whole school mass.  The mass was based on mission. We were doing this mass to help the people in Ghana and to create awareness. The people in Ghana are very poor and need our help.

At recess and lunch we had our mission week stalls. Year 4 were doing their stalls at lunchtime. My game was called Knockout, as you had to knock out the monster’s teeth! That was the end of mission week!                                  By Alexandra  Y4

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Mission is about thinking of others before yourself and being a good neighbour.  You can contribute to mission by raising awareness that other people aren't as fortunate as us so they need our compassion and comfort (like the people in Ghana). Some children in Ghana don’t go to school and struggle to survive each day.

The Good Samaritan is a true example of a good neighbour. Like in the story of the Good Samaritan, the Samaritan helped a person in need. The Good Samaritan is a role model to the people that want to think about others before themselves. He is also a role model for mission.

In the morning, Year 4 hosted  the whole school Mission Mass 2019.  The mass was based on mission and helping the people in Ghana. The motto for Mission Week 2019 is ‘Do not fear for I am with you’.  At recess and lunch the whole school ran mission stalls to raise money and awareness for the people in Ghana. My group raised over 10 dollars and that 10 dollars will help a child have a cup of clean water or a bowl of food. The school raised hundreds of dollars. Together the school made a small difference to the people of Ghana.                By Charlotte in 4M     

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Mission is all about raising awareness and thinking about others before ourselves. We need to think more about others who are less fortunate for they need our help the most. Think about the people in Ghana and all the children there with disabilities. They have trouble learning, finding clean water and finding fresh food.

We need to be more caring and compassionate to the people who need it most. Those that are either hurt, injured or upset. Take an example from the Good Samaritan and how no one stopped until the Samaritan came along. Now take this time to think about how you can be a good neighbour.

On Wednesday, October 30th, 2019, Holy Spirit hosted a Mission Day where we could make stalls and  raise money and awareness for the people in Ghana. In the morning, Year 4 hosted a mass which was based on Ghana and the people's way of life. The motto for this year was, “Do not fear, for I am with you”. After the mass, recess came around and Year 4 and other grades were allowed to go and explore some stalls and play some fun games. During lunch more stalls were open and that gave us a chance to again raise more money to donate and create awareness of those in need in Ghana.                         By Reem Year 4

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... and together we raised over $2500 for the people of Ghana ...  the children of Holy Spirit showed how they could BE with the people of Ghana.  

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