2018 Kinder Fairytale Fiasco

Fairytale Land is in a muddle and there is a whole lot of mixed up trouble in our FAIRYTALE FIASCO!

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Kindergarten children loved dressing up as their favourite fairytale characters to act out this dramatic fairytale.

This incursion explored the structure of narratives and personal expression using body language, verbal and visual cues.

2018 FF 912018 FF 421

Here are some recounts from our children:

On Tuesday Kinder went to the Fairytale Fiasco and we got to dress up and I was a cat and a wizard.   

By Hanna


On Tuesday we went to Fairytale Fiasco and we dressed up.  Firstly we took our shoes off and we went through the tunnel.

By Shelby


On Tuesday Kindergarten went to Fairytale Fiasco n the MPA and I dressed up as a dragon and a wizard.   

By Noah


On the 27th of November, 2018, Kindergarten went to the MPA. Firstly we took our shoes off. Then we had our Fairytale Fiasco and we dressed up as characters. It was fun.  

By Rylee


On Tuesday Kindy Red went to Fairytale Fiasco Day. First we took off our shoes. Then we dressed up in characters. Then we went to sleep.  

By Hannah


On Tuesday the 27th November 2018 Kindy went to the Fairytale Fiasco. We had to take our shoes off in the MPA. We dressed up as characters and we had fun.  

By Arena

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