2018 Y5 Blue Gum Lodge Excursion

On Monday 19th November all students from Year 5 went to a day camp  which many, many other Year 5s from Holy Spirit have been to. This camp goes by the name BlueGum Lodge and is at Springwood. When we arrived at the camp we were greeted by 5 staff members of the camp who would be with us for the whole day. By Tahlya Yr 5

During this session we walked over to where we thought archery was and, instead of doing archery, we built two catapults.  We split into two groups and built a catapult with only a picture as our instructions. Once we were finished building we all got a turn at firing a bean bag or tennis ball. Our group of eight encouraged each other with one of our favourite items if we hit the board or not.  By Maya Yr 5

2018 BGL 181   2018 BGL 21

An activity my group and I did was the initiatives course. We had to co-operate and communicate to escape jail and make it to a helicopter. By Dut Yr 5

In my third session we did low-ropes. For low-ropes you have to work as a team to finish the course. Then we had to put down logs to get across to the platform.  By Adrian Yr 5

   2018 BGL 351    2018 BGL 291

During my afternoon session we did rock-climbing and I had to make it up three flat, easier walls and one  harder wall. Then I made it half-way up the hardest wall! When I fell off I was like Spider Man.  By Phillip Yr 5

Well, the day was amazing. We all did such fun and tricky games and activities that needed trust. We had a great time with our teachers and friends and arrived home safely. At the end of the day it’s not about who seeing who is better at a certain activity, it’s about fun and leadership.  By Isabella Yr 5

2018 BGL 381   2018 BGL 91


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