2018 Y5 Excursion to Rouse Hill and Richmond

Year 5 History Excursion

Yesterday, Year 5 were very lucky to go to Rouse Hill House and Farm and Richmond St. Peter’s Anglican Church and Cemetery for our History excursion.

At Rouse Hill, we learnt about a free settler named Richard Rouse who came to Port Jackson/Australia and bought some land. He then became wealthy by selling the finest horses in the land. He bought acres of land that could fit about nine football fields. WOW! His house was built by convicts and has been preserved to this day in its beautiful state. Six generations of Rouse’s lived on the property. It showed there was evidence of the change in the house with some of the modern technology of those times and a bit more in some parts of the house like a TV!


Rouse Hill House And Farm (Windsor) and Anglican Church And Cemetery (Richmond)

On Thursday 1st of November, Year 5 went on an excursion. We found out about Richard Rouse, who ran a horse business and became successful in popularity and riches. The house was a 6th generation house which has never been taken from but added to. He was known for work and race horses which were the finest of the land. One of his horses, Peter Pan, won the Melbourne cup 2 times. Richard Rouse had a very close friend called Banjo Paterson, who was a poet. Banjo Paterson made the songs and poems in the movie, “Waltzing Matilda”. Unfortunately, he died on the 10th of May, 1852, and he was buried at Richmond cemetery.

At Richmond Anglican Church we saw many eye-catching items. On the walls there were gravestones attached and they had a person's name, date of birth to death and some had inscriptions (notes they had written or told someone to get engraved into their gravestone). There was a huge organ that they play during mass for the songs that the choir sings, and they had an upper floor at the back where then choir would stand (while singing) and to sit (while they weren’t singing).



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