2018 Y3 Brewongle Excursion

Last Thursday the children in Year 3 visited the Brewongle Environmental Education Centre at Sackville North as part of their Geography unit.  They learnt about

Indigenous perceptions of place, bush resources and micro-climates around Brewongle, as well as using geographical tools to analyse landscape features.


Below are some samples of writing that have been written for different purposes (written by the children who attended this excursion).


Yesterday Year 3 went on an excursion to Brewongle Environmental Education Centre (BEEC) to learn about the indigenous people.  My favourite part of the trip was when we saw the Hawkesbury/Nepean River view. It was an amazing view.  When we were there we also saw so many buildings.  We even saw the oldest church in Australia. I don’t know about other children, but I had so much fun and the best time.  It was the best excursion ever.    (Uchechi - Y 3)


Dear Diary,
On Tuesday I went on an excursion to Brewongle. First, the people that work at Brewongle introduced themselves to us. The place was beautiful.
Then we split into our groups. We had to split into six groups so that there weren't too many people in one group. Sadly, I was not in Reem’s group but at least I was still in Mrs. Hemmings' group.

After that we started walking with our groups to different sorts of places in Brewongle. We saw lots of cool and interesting stuff.

Here are some of the things that I learnt on the excursion. I learnt that the Aboriginal people used to cut tree trunks to make a little cot and the baby blanket was possum skin. They even taught us to count. Any number after six was called Dyarralang. So if someone had a maths test and the question was 14 + 11 it would  equal Dyarralang. Isn’t that so easy!

I also learnt that the Aboriginal people made boats. The boys would make the base and the girls would make things using string. They used to cut the boats from trees and the trees would keep growing again. It was like they were healing!


I had a blast at Brewongle and I’m very glad I went there. 

By Angel (3W)


Dear Staff of Brewongle


Thank you for giving us a lifetime experience at Brewongle.

I would especially like to say thanks to Kate and Kate for taking us on a wild journey.  

The first reason I liked the place is when it started raining at the gully it was so beautiful because it was full of nature.  My second reason is that you taught us how to count in Aboriginal language - wargle (1), bulla (2), bulla wargle (3), bulla bulla (4), bulla bulla wargle (5), bulla bulla bulla (6) and dyarralang (7,8,9).

I just want to say thank you for being great teachers.


Declan (Y3)


On Thursday the 18th October 2018, Year 3 went on an excursion to Brewongle. It took us an hour to get there. We went by bus.

We had lots of different groups. These were the people in my group: Tayla, Amanda, Ciara, Achan, Uchechi, Charlotte and I. The person that was in charge of our group was Mrs. Russell, Tayla's mum. I was so excited that I was in Tayla's group.

When we arrived at Brewongle we had to separate into our groups and go to different activities. There were lots of activities. I had one favourite activity. My favourite activity was when we went up to the lookout. The view was beautiful. I could see the Hawkesbury River. I could also see lots and lots of trees. It was a shame that it started to rain. 

I hope I have another excursion just like this one.

By Mia (3W)

Please click here to see more photos of our excursion.