2018 Y6 Woolworths Excursion

Students in Year 6 visited St Clair Woolworths last week to learn about sustainability and waste reduction. 

2018 Woolworths Excursion Y6 101

Staff at Woolworths are on a mission to show Australian children how delicious, healthy and fun eating fruit and vegetables can be.  Part of the focus or Year 6 is to teach children that the shape of produce (eg, odd or irregular shaped produce) does not affect its taste or reduce health benefits, so this should not be thrown away. 

2018 Woolworths Excursion Y6 21

2018 Woolworths Excursion Y6 2212018 Woolworths Excursion Y6 141

The children learned lots on their excursion and came back to school excited to share their learning with others.

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