2018 S2 Football Gala Day

Our Stage 2 students attended the Football Gala Day on Friday, 7 September.  Below is a reflection from Mrs Baker, who trained and supported the students on the day.

We had a wonderful day despite the changeable weather.  The children participated with enthusiasm and sportsmanship, representing our school with pride.  I was most appreciative of the support from parents, particularly Mrs Borg (Mia - 3W) who managed the girls' team throughout the day.  The boys won 4 of their 5 games and the girls won 2, drew 1 and lost 2.  Both teams improved their skills and worked well together as the day progressed.

2018 Book Week 51

Below are some reflections from students who took part on the day:

The boys were meant to play 6 games but only played 5 due to the storm.

Out of the 5 games the boys won 4. The boys played very well and tried their best. Each time someone made a mistake we patted each others back and said, All good better luck next time. The girls supported the boys and the boys supported the girls.  (Kristian)


Today was an amazing day because it was the touch footy gala day and the stage 2 girls were amazing! The bad thing was that during the day it started to rain. We only got to play 5 games out 6 games because lightning appeared and we heard lots of thunder. The funny thing was that when we were travelling back to school because of the mishap it was starting to get very sunny. The sad thing was that I twisted my ankle. The girls won 2, lost 2 and drew 1. It was an amazing day! I would like to thank the parents and teachers for helping us. Special thanks to Mrs Baker for planning the whole thing. This was the best gala day ever invented. (Chelsy)


Today Holy Spirit went to the STAGE 2 TOUCH FOOTBALL  GALA DAY! We won 2 games,lost 1 and tied 1.But then we had one more game a storm came there was lightning and thunder and pouring rain we had to go undercover.But at the start is was amazing.Our team got 8 tries.We loved this day.


Today l went to  the touch football gala day. We got 8 tries and we were supposed to have 6 games but the storm came. We still had fun.  (Amanda)


The stage 2 touch football gala day was on Friday the 7th of September. We all did so great. The girls scored 2 wins and 1 draw and 2 losses and the boys won 4 games and lost 1. At every break, both teams went to cheer on their teammates. We were so close to winning in most games. The girls in the team were Emily, Ekam, Mia, Nyimada (AKA Amanda), Chelsy, Adau, Yara, Tayah, Taylor and last but not least Cj. Everyone tried to get a try but we all tried our best and we worked together and cheered everyone on. My team had a great time. Thanks to Mrs Baker and Mrs Borg - everyone had a great time plus a special treat at the end. Thank you Mrs Baker and Mrs Borg.   (Adau)

Please go to our gallery to see a few photos of the children involved.