2018 Mother's Day Celebrations

Today we celebrate Mother's Day, a time to honour and thank all mothers, grandmothers and carers for all that they do for us.

Across the past week at Holy Spirit we have prepared to celebrate Mother's Day through our gift making and buying (Mother's Day Stall), our special prayers and messages and our Mother's Day Liturgy (thanks especially to Years 5, 3 and Kinder for preparing our liturgy).  Mother’s Day has a deep spiritual dimension.  Motherhood has always been a sacred and noble vocation, but Mary raised it to even greater stature when she became the Mother of God.  So Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the greatest of all mothers.  Mary was “full of grace,” or put more simply, God lived within her.  Mary gives us the clearest and most inspiring picture of what the ideal mother.  

Some of our students have  shared their reflections about mothers and Mother's Day:

This week Holy Spirit had the honour to participate in a Mother's Day stall and a Mother's Day liturgy.  We had some lovely mums help with both the stall and the liturgy.  We would like to thank all the mothers, aunts and grandparents who helped with the stall and liturgy because of all the time they have sacrificed for us.  On behalf on all the school, we hope that all women have a great Mother's Day.   (Aleks)


This week Holy Spirit participated in the Mother's Day Stall, with children purchasing gifts for their Mums, Grandmas and other special women in their lives.  We have also been involved in a Mother's Day Liturgy designed to thank our Mums for all they do for us.  They  make massive sacrifices to make sure we have a good education and have a place to live.  We are extremely lucky to have these special peoples in our lives.  I can’t imagine life without them.  On behalf of the school, we hope that all our mothers have a lovely day on Sunday and get amazing presents from their children. (Zoe)


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