2018 Y1 Museum Excursion

On Wednesday, Year 1 went to the Australian Arms Museum at Emu Plains to enhance our learning of Present and Past Family Life that we are studying in our History unit. 

Freya recounted, “In the old days, people washed by hand. I saw a washboard. I squeezed water. I rollered a napkin in the roller. I hung the napkin with the dolly pegs. In India they have helpers to help with hand washing because not everyone has electricity."

“Yesterday, I churned butter," Jack commented. “I put cream into the machine and I turned the handle. The yellow butter tasted funny because there was no salt in it."

Jasmine’s memory of the day was, “In the Reception room, I saw a chain and ball. In the olden days, the convicts had to wear them on their ankles so they would not run away. It was very heavy."

“In the school room, there were lots of slate boards with a piece of slate,” Aimee recalled. “I wrote my name on it using a piece of block slate. We sat at the wooden desks and pretended we were at school. The school room was interesting because it had all the old school bags and a blackboard."

Sofia told us, “In the parlour room, I saw a pianola. To make it work, Miss Elsa pushed the pedals with her feet. It made music. I also saw a gramophone. It played cool music!!” 

“My group went to a barn,” Michael said. “I saw ice boxes and a tool sharpener. I went on a horse and a sulky. Richard taught us about going to Church in the sulky." 

Cian summed up the day, “In the old days, they played games like horse shoe throwing, called ‘ring toss’. They played quoits. The hula hoops were made out of cane. There were stocks that naughty people went in and people threw old fruit at them. It was fun because I was learning about the past."

The Year 1 Teaching Team would like to  thank Carmel and the volunteers at the museum for the great learning experience and Compass Tours bus driver, Ross, for getting us there and back safely.

Click here to see more photos of our excursion.