2018 Playground

Children at Holy Spirit Primary, St Clair, love coming to school!

Every morning I am greeted by happy and smiling faces (mostly) of children who love being at school.  When they arrive they come to our playground, find some friends and engage in collaborative play with one another.  Our senior students are great role models for our younger students, teaching them not only how to play specific games but also how to look out for and take care of one another.  They are always willing to support younger students who may be a little sad to see a parent leaving, or one whose friend has not yet arrived at school.

As children arrive our front playground comes alive, with some children playing games such as soccer, handball and volleyball, while others take part in activities such as skipping, playing with hoops and running games.  Being on duty of a morning is a delight, as we get to meet and greet these bubbly and excited children.  What a great start to each day!

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