Year Three - Travel Bugs Incursion

Year 3 were lucky to have the Travel Bugs come to meet them in Term 2. They were brought to school by Jackie but she called herself The Bug Lady. There were so many mini beasts to see!!

Jackie started by showing us a Huntsman Spider but we weren't allowed to touch it. The Huntsman is an arachnid and Jackie had lots of others including scorpions.

She then showed us a millipede and a centipede. They were both very long and the centipede was very thick.

Next Jackie showed us a Rhino beetle. It had a hard shell and two antenna. He loved to eat rotten fruit and crops. Jackie told us this was the reason why lots of farmers don't like rhino beetles. 

We got to hold a stick insect. Jackie had three different ones for us to hold. A small and large green stick insect and a prickly brown one.  

Finally we got to look at the mini beasts through magnifying glasses and even hold a millipede. 

It was a great incursion and we really enjoyed it.