Grip Leadership Day

Grip Leadership Day 
Last week our 4 school captains took part in a day for young leaders called ‘GRIP Leadership’ at Homebush 
with over 800 other young leaders from across NSW. It was a fantastic day and they were wonderful 
ambassadors for our school, participating fully in the leadership activities, learning about how to be a good 
leader and having fun! It was a pleasure and a privilege to accompany them. 
Below are their responses to the day. 
Donnalee Hughes 
Stage 3 Coordinator 
I learnt so many things on the leadership day about integrity and being humble. I had so much fun and I can’t 
wait to use the skills I learnt to make our school an even better place. Thank you for the great opportunity. 
The conference was very exciting! I learnt many ways to become a ‘berry’ good 
leader. A berry leader is like a strawberry, the same on the inside as the outside, 
the choices you make are who you really are. The opposite type of leader is a 
watermelon, the inside is very different to the outside. Markas 
I learnt how to show initiative and be a friendly leader, I can use this advice in 
my life everyday. I now further understand the meaning of leadership. I will lead 
by example and be proactive. I also learnt to put others before myself at the GRIP 
leadership day. The ‘loud noises’ part of the day was a lot of fun! Cooper 
I learnt a lot of things about being a good leader like being a ‘berry’ leader, which 
means being yourself at all times instead of being a watermelon leader, which is 
not true to who you really are. Michaela 

Captains at GRIP
Captains at GRIP