Attendance Notice from the Principal

Important Attendance Update

As you know it is very important that children attend school every day. Quite often leave is requested by parents for various reasons. While we understand that this may be necessary sometimes, it is not encouraged as every school day is important for every child.

If you intend taking your child out of school for five days or more you must make a formal application in writing and fill out an application for extended leave which is available from the school office. It is important for you to know that this leave may not be granted and depends on circumstances such as the intention for the leave, your child’s attendance, and the impact the leave may have on your child’s academic progress.

Principals have been advised that for extended periods of leave for holidays, students be marked as absent.

I have also received advice that children who are kept home from school because of weather conditions such as wind, rain, heat etc are to be marked as unjustifiable leave. Partial absence (being late) with the reason that the child ‘slept in’ is also classed as unjustifiable leave.

These regulations are in place to make sure that your child achieves to his/her full potential and I know you will understand the reasoning behind them.

Kind Regards

Anne Hines