2019 Y3 Excursion to Wattamolla

Year Three Excursion to Wattamolla


On Wednesday the 23rd of October Year 3 went on an excursion to Wattamolla in the Royal National Park. Wattamolla means a place near water.

IMG_4933   IMG_4949

View from picnic area                                              View from Boardwalk

There were three rangers: Ranger Toni, Angus and Shiralee. We did lots of things. First we did board walking. We got an awesome view the view was beautiful. Then we went to the beautiful blue beach. You could make a turtle nest or fish trap. My group picked turtle nest. After lunch we went fishing. I caught lots of things. Then we went bug catching, we caught a moth.                Emily


We went to make TURTLE TRACKS so the fish will get trapped in the holes then the turtles will come and eat the fish.
IMG_7577 . IMG_7579 .

IMG_7585  IMG_4941

Then we went for a bush walk and we got to see the view of the beach.                    Jaxon 


The last activity was BUG CATCHING
IMG_4960 . IMG_4961 . IMG_7600
I found a lady-bug, a big ant and a weird-looking bug. I also  put green paint on my face to really be in the bugs.   

I loved seeing the lizards because they are fast and long. I loved BUG CATCHING and seeing the stuffed Black Cockatoo, Blue Tongue Lizard and fox. The fox was introduced to Australia. The Blue Tongue Lizard and Black Cockatoo are native animals.         Michael 


We also got to do DIP-NET FISHING.  We had an amazing day!
IMG_4964 . IMG_4969 . IMG_7587

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