2019 Bullies No Way

On this National Day of Action against Bullying, Holy Spirit students reflected on what it means to be a buddy rather than a bully. 

On Friday the 15th March 2V participated in an anti-bullying activity.  At first, 2V were given a small piece of white paper. Miss Vukelic didn’t tell them anything about the piece of paper and asked the students to fold, scrunch or step on the white piece of paper. The students thought this was fun.  Miss Vukelic then asked the students to unwrap the piece of paper, trying hard NOT to rip it. The students were then asked to try and smooth out ALL the creases in the paper. They all found this difficult, some even said it was impossible.  Their teacher then asked them to listen to a story. As Miss Vukelic told the story she used her piece of paper to follow the same instructions the students had completed earlier.




Billy was a young boy who just started Year 2. Each day he would come to school and each day he was called nasty names and he had no one to play with him on the playground. Billy always tried not to let the bullies bother him but each hurtful word would break Billy’s heart a little more. The teacher would talk to these bullies and most of the time they would apologise but it was hard for Billy to forget all the hurtful words. His heart was broken and the apologies didn’t always fix everything.




Miss Vukelic saw her students’ faces. They understood the story and suddenly realised its message. The students discussed the activity and its purpose. They knew what they had to do. They needed to be kind to their neighbour and always think before they act because we will never know if there is a Billy at our school.

The students took their piece of paper home to their families. Miss Vukelic wondered if they could teach their families something about bullying.

Students in Year 3 focused on what it means to be a bully, as well as actions that can be taken to stop bullying.

They spoke about telling bullies to stop, walking away, not being a bystander, taking power away from bullies and telling a trusted adult.

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Our Kinder children spoke about what it means to be a buddy versus being a bully.

2019 Bullying No Way 1

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2019 Bullying No Way 6

2019 Bullying No Way 6

2019 Bullying No Way 6