2018 Early Bird Reading

Early Bird Readers in Full Flight!


Here at St Clair our Early Bird Reading program has commenced for another year.  The Early Bird Reading program  promotes the importance of reading and writing for all our students, whilst simultaneously developing social and emotional skills such as becoming more aware of the emotions, feelings and perspectives of others and building positive relationships.  All our children are benefiting from this great program.


The ability to read and comprehend at a deep level is an essential life skill, with strategies taught explicitly through English being applied not only to all other Key Learning Areas, but to all facets of life within and beyond school.  At Holy Spirit we continue to promote reading at school and at home.  We encourage our children to talk about what they are reading before reading, during reading and after reading.  Rich discussion of texts promotes deeper understanding of texts, as well as problem solving, critical thinking, analysis and justification of point of view, skills that are imperative for life.


Below is a list of six elements of literacy instruction that children should experience every day in order to become engaged and successful readers  (Richard L. Allington and Rachael E. Gabriel, 2012):

1.              Every child reads something he or she chooses 

2.              Every child reads accurately   

3.              Every child reads something he or she understands   

4.              Every child writes about something personally meaningful

5.              Every child talks with peers about reading and writing

6.              Every child listens to a fluent adult read aloud


Choice, accuracy, understanding, meaning, talking and listening  ....   how can you support your child with this when reading at home?


Please click here to see more images of children in our Early Bird Reading Program, which is open to all students.