Vision and Mission

At Holy Spirit, we seek to live our lives like Jesus, work and love as a family, learn and challenge each other, so that together we grow.

Vision and Mission

In seeking to live our lives like Jesus, we:
  • Give witness to Gospel values
  • Proclaim our Catholic faith and traditions through a vibrant Religious Education curriculum
  • Celebrate and reflect through prayer, liturgy and scripture
  • Reach out to the poor and work for justice. 
In seeking to work and love as a family, we:
  • Promote and support the partnership of home, school and parish 
  • Value the unity, diversity and harmony of our community
  • Are inviting, welcoming and accepting of all
  • Enjoy the opportunity to celebrate.
In seeking to learn and challenge each other, we:
  • Provide a safe, friendly and collaborative learning environment
  • Promote learning for life
  • Are purposeful and explicit, with high expectations
  • Support a variety of learners.

School Values

At Holy Spirit everyone has the right to:
  • Be safe and supported
  • Be heard
  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Learn to play and have fun
  • Be protected 
As a school community, we will work together to help each other grow by:
  • Communicating positively
  • Respecting ourselves as well as others
  • Accepting responsibility for our behaviour
  • Cooperating with each other
  • Being fair and just
  • Modelling appropriate positive behaviour
  • Asking for help and support when needed
Everyone at Holy Spirit is expected to follow the School Rules:
  • I am Safe

  • I am Respectful

  • I am a Learner

I can be 'safe' by:
  • Thinking first, about how my actions affect my safety as well as the safety of others
  • Making positive choices
  • Taking responsibility for my actions
I can be 'Respectful' by:
  • Being kind and polite in my words and actions
  • Treating all property with care; whether my own, school or other people’s
  • Taking responsibility for my actions
I can be a 'Learner' by:
  • Listening to all the teachers
  • Trying my best and being a cooperative member of my learning community
  • Taking responsibility for my learning